Richard J. Ward, Jr.

District Attorney

Tony Clayton

First Assistant District Attorney

Scott Stassi

Assistant District Attorney

Iberville Parish Assistant District Attorneys:

Timmy Collins– Division “D” Felonies

Ali Z. Meronek – Division “C” Felonies

Nedi A. Morgan– Division “D” Misdemeanors and Juveniles

Randall Gay– Division “C” Misdemeanors and Juveniles


West Baton Rouge Parish Assistant District Attorneys:
Becky Chustz– Felonies

Scotty Chabert

Ken Fabre– Misdemeanors

Ashley Woods Marbury– Misdemeanors

Brilliant Clayton– Misdemeanors

Larry Bossier– Juveniles


Pointe Coupee Parish Assistant District Attorneys:
Chad Aguillard– Felonies

Kristen Canezaro – Misdemeanors, Juveniles, Felonies


Jessel M. Ourso, III

Major Zack Simmers


Pre-Trial Diversion:
Jessel M. Ourso, III


Victim’s Assistance Coordinators:
Lisa Jarreau– West Baton Rouge & Pointe Coupee

Daphine Laprarie– Iberville


Terri Russo Lacy

Debbie Carriere– West Baton Rouge & Pointe Coupee

Lonny Guidroz– Iberville


Louis Delahaye– West Baton Rouge Parish Council & Iberville Parish School Board

Stephen Jewell– Pointe Coupee Parish Council

Nicholas Rockforte– Atchafalaya Levee Board

Michael Fruge– Drug Asset Forfeitures


Support Staff:

Willie Falcon– Iberville Receptionist

Andrea Landry– Iberville “D” Felonies

Megan Tharp– Iberville Traffic, Misdemeanors & Juveniles

Ashley Provo– Iberville Traffic, Misdemeanors, Worthless Checks

Trinity Lemoine– Iberville Felonies

Jennifer Stassi– Iberville Traffic

Winnie Denova– West Baton Rouge Receptionist

Anna Daigle– West Baton Rouge Felonies & Traffic

Lana Ramagos– West Baton Rouge Felonies & Traffic

Tyneita Smith– West Baton Rouge Misdemeanors & Juveniles

Kathy Achee– Drug Asset Forfeitures & West Baton Rouge Traffic

Vincel Simpson– West Baton Rouge Traffic & Receptionist

Loretta Johnson– Pointe Coupee Traffic & Worthless Checks

Crystal Andre– Pointe Coupee Traffic

Crystal Lorio– Pointe Coupee Juveniles & Misdemeanors

Stephanie Patterson– Pointe Coupee Felonies